Best VPN service 2017 How does vpn help you When you are using internet , hackers and scammers can easily intercept your online activities.The best way you can protect your self is with a Virsual Private Network (VPN).A VPN protects your identity by protecting your personal data , it encrypts all the data you transfer. By VPN you can access all blocked websites also , If you are in country that many websites are blockedRead More
Before creating a bitcoin wallet ,setup a valid internet security on your computer and scan your computer, because there are many malwares that can steal your bitcoins. What is a Bitcoin wallet? A Bitcoin wallet allows you to receive, send, and store your Bitcoins ,There are two main types of wallets: A software wallet that you install on your own computer or mobile device, and A web wallet or hosted wallet that is hosted by a thirdRead More
Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Bitcoin is a technology with unique features making it one of a kind, What makes Bitcoins so attractive and why more and more people and businesses use this payment system? Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Advantages With Bitcoin could send and get money at any moment and any place.In many cases, using bitcoin is the easiest and quickest way to make a payment on the internet.Read More
Buy VPN with bitcoin If you like to pay for VPN anonymously, you are in the right place. SaturnVPN provide the way that you can pay anonymously . You can buy VPN with bitcoin from SaturnVPN. Bitcoin is the most commonly accepted anonymous payment method. How to pay for a VPN with Bitcoin Bitcoin payments require 3 easy steps: Create a Bitcoin Wallet Sign up for VPN service and select a “CoinSimple” in a paymentRead More

Connect two computer with ethernet cable

Posted by admin   on March 12, 2017
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The easiest and the best way to connect two computers together is using an ethernet cable. With connect two computer with ethernet cable you can share or transfer files and data and play network games between both computers. After connecting your computers together with an Ethernet cable, you will be required to modify the network settings on computers to establish the cable connection. This instruction is for windows 8. How to connect two computer  with ethernetRead More
How to keep your children safe online If your children surfing the web ,You need to protect your children from dangers lurking in the online world and keeping your children safe online. Parents mostly worried about the risks of “stranger danger” and online predators. Online predators present another significant threat, particularly to children who are usually much more open and trusting, are even easier targets. Online predators are doing cybercrimes for financial benefits. cybercrimes include computer viruses,Read More

How to find your IP address

Posted by admin   on February 22, 2017
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What is an IP address? Internet Protocol Address or IP address Is an unique address assigned to each device (computer , smartphone ,…) to communicate with another via the Internet. IP address makes different between billions of devices in the world that are connected to internet. IP address consist 4 decimal number and each number ranged from 0 to 255 that separate with dot .Here is an example of IP address : What is public IP address?Read More

How to create secure password ?

Posted by admin   on February 14, 2017
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How to create a secure password ? We need to use many passwords in our bank accounts , email addresses , many different websites accounts,…  every day , these passwords protect us from hackers and snoopers. It’s important to ensure that this protection is as strong as possible. The problem is that passwords should be different everywhere you use them, and that can make it difficult to remember them all. Use different passwords everywhere It’s extremely important toRead More

How to delete VPN connection windows 8

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How to delete VPN connection windows 8 To delete VPN connection windows 8 , follow the instruction below Right click on network connection icon on the left below the windows In “Network and sharing center” click on “Change adapter settings” Now right click on VPN connection and click on ‘Delete”.  Read More

How to stay anonymous online

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How to stay anonymous online Your online privacy is under attack everyday ,Isp’s, advertisers and governments are interested to know what you are up to when you brows the web. Many people are worried that someone, usually the government, is recording and analyzing their Web browsing activity. They argue that these acts are an invasion of privacy. Therefore you need to do something that will help you to stay anonymous. Your ISP knows where youRead More