SaturnVPN summer offer 2017

It’s been almost 5 year, Saturvnpn was born on 2013 and the feeling of being with you customers are awesome, We hope you are fine and doing well. And we Thank you very much for emails and  for being with us.

It’s been a while since our last newsletter, And here are the things we are going to share with you:

SaturnVPN summer offer 2017

saturnvpn summer offer 2017
Summer is still here with us, And we are here with a special offer for you.
You can order 2 years package for only $35, Which means a huge discount.
So order now and get 67% discount , It’s only $1.4 per month.
The summer offer is valid from August 25 till september 10.



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Saturnvpn new look:

As you might noticed we have changed Saturnvpn look, There are some new features like the ticketing system where you can submit a support ticket or the affiliate system and few more things where you can see in your client area.
We need your help If you have any opinion please share it with us and help us to serve you better.

Best VPN for Venezuela, Bypass blocked websites

What is best VPN for Venezuela ? How to bypass blocked website ?

There is a lot’s of website, that blocked for venezuela. from their Internet provider. SaturnVPN make it easy for users in Venezuela to unblocked all websites and is the best VPN for Venezuela. SaturnVPN have 5 protocols, with servers from US, UK, CA, and….to ensure a connection always available.

If you want to travel to Venezuela or you live in Venezuela.It’s better to have VPN on your device. SaturnVPN support all devices and have 24/7 online support chat to answer your questions.

We have free VPN test account to make you sure about our quality and our good service.

On 16 May,2017 the Venezuela government, extend Internet policy and content filtering. In Venezuela more than 300 web portal have been blocked.And,more than 40 Internet domains have been blocked by internet provider. The most famous blocked website is NTN 24, a Colombian News channel, And threatened a clampdown on social media networks

best VPN for VenezuelaWhy a virtual private network or VPN?

a virtual private network (VPN) make a private tunnel between your device and another private network. and give you a new IP address like US address. That’s why you can open blocked websites. Also nobody from out of network can’t access your data.


Best Turkey VPN 2017 to unblock censorship

What is best Turkey VPN 2017 to unblock censorship?

What is best Turkey VPN 2017 to unblock censorship? Today’s Internet censorship is commonplace across Turkey. More than one hundred websites blocked in Turkey since late July. Also Twitter, You tube and Whats App have been blocked. Also many other website like Google plus, Blogger, Google drive, and…. have been blocked at the ISP level. For example Turkish ISP’s changed their record for You tube when people when using these ISP’s typed ” ” into their browser they were redirected to some where instead  youtube.

Whether, you are in Turkey or you traveling to Turkey you can use VPN. with a VPN, users can unblocked all social media, as well as another websites and Apps.

VPN stands for virtual private network. When you use VPN all your Internet traffic is securely encrypted and sent via a private tunnel.

Best Turkey VPN 2017 to unblock censorshipWhat is best VPN service for Turkey?

Saturn vpn provide VPN for all countries that include turkey too.You can use SaturnVPN for Turkey too.This website provide best VPN service for customers. We ask about customer experience and recommend best protocol for you. Because  there is a possibility that some protocols are blocked by your internet provider. Or you experience slow connectivity. Or your connection disconnects after few minutes.

What is best protocol for Turkey?

There are lot’s of  protocols that you can use to bypass blocked website . L2TP or PPTP. It’s easiest and Fastest way to get VPN and you can open all websites. Most of our customers in Turkey like L2TP and PPTP. They tell us that it answer for them. But there are 5 protocols you can choose from them. You have lot’s of choice. Just buy one package,then you have possibility to try all protocols ans see that which one is best for you. but if you ask us L2TP and PPTP recommended.

Order VPN at the best price

Order VPN at the best price

Todays many people looking for cheap VPN . because many websites in the world have filtered .thats why SaturnVPN  provide the best price .You can order VPN at the best price here 

Compare price of  SaturnVPN with another websites:

if you compare our price with another websites , you will  see that our price is more cheaper.If you buy VPN from Saturnvpn one package for 12 months , You only pay 2.08$ per months . But in another websites you have to pay more than 5 per months .you can save 45$ every year by shopping from our website ! It’s amazing don’t lose your chance to save 45$ and buy NOW.

order vpn at the best price

High quality of Saturnvpn:

unless we have cheaper price than the others website but we have a good quality and we keep our good quality in everytime and we also have a good customer service .Because we care about our customer and respect them. we have online support on 7 days a week and 24 hours in a day .we have high quality servers of many countries like USA , UK , Germany, Canada, Poland and France .Also SaturnVPN provide all device.

SaturnVPN Christmas Offer 2017

SaturnVPN Christmas Offer 2017

As the Christmas season approaches,There is always so much activities and personal business to attend to that it is easy to forget to thank our valued customers , Like you. For their orders. The holiday season offers us a special opportunity to extent our personal thanks to our friends, And our very best wishes for the future.
And so we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New year! We consider you a good friend and extend our wishes for good health and good cheer to your family.

At this great Christmas season we have a special offer and good news for you.
News is that We are gonna change SaturnVPN’s website look, It’s gonna be a much better website, You will be able to see your service info, Submit ticket, Manage your susbscription, We are working on it and it’s gonna be done in less than a month)

And the offer is that you can buy 12 months service with %35 discount. Don’t miss the chance and order your VPN account for 1 full year and for only $16(3 days money back – 2 Simultaneous connection and many more)

saturnvpn christmas offer

If you already have an account:
If you already have an account, You can still take advantage of this offer, Simply order a new account and use it later when your current account expires. SaturnVPN account activated after the first time you connect to a server, Not from the time you purchase.
Or you can email us [email protected] and ask us to suspend the new account, and add the credit to your current account.

Free Trial Account:
If you would like to try our service for 1 full day, Just fill out this form:
Free Trial Account

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please share it with your friends, Support us and also let them get the discount. Let us know if there is anything we can ever do to assist you further.

How to Unblock Websites at School

Unblock Websites at School

Many schools have Wi-Fi enabled and they block students to access social network and some websites like facebook and youtube. There are several methods to unblock websites at school ,but the easiest way to access blocked websites is using VPN and proxy ,VPN can be described as a tunnel under the public network that offers more anonymity than proxy websites as it also encrypts the data transferred by the blocked website thus, offering complete anonymity.

When you are connected to VPN , your IP address is changed to the location that you are connected to and it seems you are living on that location ,so any limitation that they make on your network disappears , and you can surf the net and using social network software without any interruption .

You can buy VPN account with a cheap price at SaturnVPN , You can get 1 month VPN only for $4.4 , We offer four VPN packages , We have also VPN for 3 months , 6 months and 12 months .You can use your account in all devices and connect to VPN in two device at the same time .We have 7×24 technical support , If you have any question contact us in online chat or saturnvpn email. If you want to try SaturnVPN for free before buying , click on the link below

Buy VPN online

Buy VPN online

You can buy vpn online easily in one minutes

  1. Select one of our VPN packages , There are 4 popular VPN packages , You can buy 12 monthes Vpn account only for 2.08/month
  2. Choose payment method , we have 3 payment method that you can get your account immediately after you make the payment , credit card , paypal , perfect money . although you can make a payment using webmoney , in this case , contact us , and send your payment info ,your account will be activated manually in less than 15 minutes, and it will be sent to your email address.
  3. Your VPN account info will be sent to your email address , enjoy it .

After you get your account, setup VPN connection on your device , You can connect through all protocols and servers ,Visit VPN setup tutorial for Windows , Linux , Mac , Android and  IOS .We support 5 protocols PPTP , L2TP , OpenVPN , Cisco anyconnect VPN and Kerio VPN . You can connect to all protocols with your SaturnVPN account , and you can use all servers , visit VPN servers List to choose the location . If you have any problem , our experts answer your question.


VPN for Saudi Arabia (KSA)

VPN for Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Books, newspapers, magazines, broadcast media and Internet access are censored in Saudi Arabia. Ranked Saudi Arabia 164th out of 180 countries for freedom of the press. The government claims that they are only implementing censorship because they want to promote the culture and values of Islam. In 2014, Reporters Without Borders describes the government as “relentless in its censorship of the Saudi media and the Internet” .Saudi Arabia Internet censorship efforts focus on banning pornographic sites and those that have anti-government sentiments, which really are not that numerous .They makes use of certain software to block gambling and porn sites. In fact, authorities receive over 1,200 requests everyday to have web pages blocked.

SaturnVPN offer VPN for Saudi Arabia ,to access blocked website in Saudi Arabia you can connect to our service. All protocols (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN , kerio VPN and CiscoVPN) work in KSA, We recommend you to try PPTP and L2TP there. You can easily setup VPN and access all blocked websites and services . If you like to test the service before you order an account, use free vpn test account. To setup VPN on your device visit VPN setup tutorial. If you have any question , contact us.


Fast VPN Account For Users In Pakistan

Fast VPN Account For Users In Pakistan

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is a government body that is responsible for controlling and maintaining all the communication technologies in the country including Internet.On 22 February 2008, PTA attempted to block regional access to YouTube following a government order.

But it’s not a big deal to access blocked websites and services in Pakistan, SaturnVPN allow you to change your IP address and Access your favorite websites, secure your Internet connections and encrypt all data you send and receive, you can easily buy a VPN account or if you need to try  VPN for free , use free VPN test account .By our 3-days refund policy, There wont be any risk.

You can see the VPN packages here ,if you have any question , contact us

How to use skype in Dubai – UAE

How to use skype in Dubai

 As you know voip services like skype are blocked in Dubai , And you should use the regular phone to make a call and text messages ,it can be very expensive specially when you have international calls.

But there is a way to use skype in Dubai . You can simply get a vpn and access skype and other voip services , SaturnVPN offers many protocols that work in Dubai and you just need to setup VPN on your device (samrt phone or laptop) and connect to our servers , then use skype in Dubai easily .

If you would like to test the service click on the link below :

Free Test Account

There is no risk, We have 3 days money back policy and if you don’t like our service for any reason you can ask for refund.