Advantages of joining to social network

Here are some advantages of joining to social network

Find new friend

One of the reason that social network were created for finding new friend. You can find new friends from all over the world.

Find your old friend that you lost them

This is another reason that social media were created. Some people can find their old friend that they lost with social media.

Help people, get and give advice

You can an advice in social media. Or give advice to someone that needs help and talk to people and share your experience.

Advantages of joining to social network

Join a group

Some social network have a groups too. You can join to your interest group. Or create one group. Invite people to join that.

Share music or video

You can share your favourite music. Or if you are member of band of music you can introduce your music to another people by sharing it. Or you can share your favorite video


You can keep update your family and friends about your self. And share photo and videos about your favorite things.

Find your answer

Some social network have this possibility for people.. they can ask their question and people can answer their question, and help each other.

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