Best VPN for travelling

It’s important to have VPN when you are in travel for these two reasons :

  • Protects your identity.
  • Allows you to access to websites that are blocked in certain countries.

Using a VPN is more important than you realize when you are traveling , Scammers, and thieves can easily access your computer when you are connected to a public network like hotel , hostel, coffeshop or resturant wi-fi. Connecting to public and free WiFi is convenient but very risky, data can be grabbed by the wrong people on public WiFi .

A VPN protects your identity by protecting your personal data , it encrypts all the data you transfer ,you can check your bank account , move money from one of your account to another ,go to your email account and check your email without the concern that someone can see your personal information.

In some countries Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram is blocked. VPN helps you to unblock websites in these countries like Dubai , Saudi Arabia , China , Egypt ,…. , and use voip service in some countries that is blocked . When you are connected to VPN servers , it seems you are in the location that you are connected to , and you can access all websites easily .

By SaturnVPN you can access all blocked websites all around the world and travel safety ,SaturnVPN has many features that you are looking for

  • SaturnVPN is compatible with your device , you can setup vpn on android , iPhone ,Windows, Mac,Linux
  • You can use your account on two multiple devices at the same time , you are posting tweet to your profile on your cell phone while searching by your computer.
  • SaturnVPN is easy to install , we have step by step setup guide to install VPN.

SaturnVPN has online support ,and you can email us if you have any question or problem.

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