Easy solution to access Telegram in countries like Bahrain [updated 2022]


how to unblock telegram

Telegram is one of the fastest and most secure messaging apps that operate on any device we deal with these days. You can access this app on your phone, PC, Mac all at the same time and independent of each other. According to Android Authority, its focus on Privacy, encryption, and the open-source API make Telegram a unique multi-platform messaging app. We want to share with you an easy solution to access Telegram in countries like Bahrain, KSA, China, and more.

Unfortunately, Telegram is banned in many countries. Such restrictions make it harder for people in certain geographical locations to benefit from this amazing platform which has many potentials. However, there is a safe and easy way to unblock their blocked Telegram app and break free from the restrictions set by governments.

The very first nature of every VPN provider is to fight such restrictions and open the windows to the free internet to everyone by letting them bypass censorship and accessing blocked websites. At SaturnVPN, we take this mission seriously and provide solutions to unblock Telegram for anyone who wants to enjoy this messenger app.

How to access telegram where it’s banned?

At the moment of writing this article, Telegram is banned in countries such as Iran, China, and Bahrain. Other countries have limited telegram usage to only some futures. For example, you can’t use Telegram voice or video calls in some countries.

If you’re a Telegram user and are living in or traveling to a country where it’s banned, we suggest you buy a VPN account to bypass filtering and unblock Telegram to enjoy its amazing features.

Bypass Telegram filtering with VPN

A VPN helps you to bypass any restriction put on Social Media, websites, or any other application that works online. It creates a tunnel in your phone, computer, or other devices that are connected to the internet and divert your traffic through a different channel. By doing this, a VPN helps you to unblock Telegram or access any other website or application that might be banned in some countries.

Using a VPN subscription not only helps you surf the internet freely but also keeps your personal information safe and encrypted. So, what’s better than that? Keep connected to your VPN account, unblock Telegram also stay safe while online.

At SaturnVPN we offer different VPN packages that help you open the Telegram app in Bahrain or easily access your Facebook account while traveling to the countries where Social Media are banned. If you need any help buying your VPN subscription you can read the “How to buy a VPN subscription” article or contact us.