AdBlock Plus Wins again in court


Tech Talk

It was the second time Adblock defending itself in court during the last 30 days, And it could successfully win again, You might now it, It prevents ads from appearing on websites unless you give them the  permission to be displayed.

German broadcasters RTL and ProSiebenSat.1 had argued that browser plug-in was anti-competitive and threatened their ability to offer users content for “free”. “This is the fourth time that massive publishers have brought legal proceedings against our start-up,” he added in a follow-up email.

Eyeo offers its Adblock software to the public without charge, but makes money by operating a “white list” of adverts that it allows to get through its filters.

Such ads must meet certain criteria. For instance they must not include animations or sounds and cannot be pop-ups that cover other content.

Website operators that want ads on their site added to the white list must seek permission.


You can read at BBC