What are advantages of proxy firewall?


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What are advantages of proxy firewall?

What are advantages of proxy firewall? Proxy firewalls supply  adundant protocols aware security analysis for the protocols the support .proxy firewall have a better security than the others products.

advantages of proxy firewall

Proxy firewall protect from topology of the internal

Proxy firewalls are considered to be the most secure type of firewall because they prevent direct network contact with other systems. (Because a proxy firewall has its own IP address, an outside network connection will never receive packets from the sending network directly.) Having the ability to examine the entire network packet, rather than just the network address and port number, also means that a proxy firewall will have extensive logging capabilities — a valuable resource for security administrators who are dealing with security incidents. According to Marcus Ranum, who is credited with conceiving the idea of a proxy firewall, the goal of the proxy approach is to create a single point that allows a security-conscious programmer to assess threat levels represented by application protocols and put error detection, attack detection and validity checking in place.