What are advantages of windows



What are advantages of windows

in this article we want to learn about advantages of windows 7 & 8

What are advantages of windows 7

There are a lot of opinions from a lot of sources out there concerning whether you should upgrade to Windows 7.

advantages of windows 7

Windows 7 have a nice feature like it faster than window XP and Vista. And it has faster start up and shut down. And it help you to make a good graphic cards.and it looks great more than older operating system like windos XP and vista. Windows 7 also developed for touch screen. Windows media player is more better in windows 7.another advantages of windows 7 is update feucher for all the software.   Windows 7,is more secure than  Windows XP.

What are disadvantages of windows 7

On of disadvantages of windows 7 is This one is tough. When you install Windows 7, you have to decide if you want to get the 32-bit or 64-bit variety. Confused? So are a lot of user. Look into this one carefully because once you install one or the other, you can’t change your mind you have to reinstall again.

What are advantages of windows 8

Windows 8 cost you much less. When you upgrade it. You find out that your computer is faster than before. It’s support low power ARM architecture. Another advantages of windows 8 is the platform and it support NFC printing. A technology which can do it financial transaction digitally.

advantages of windows 8