Benefits Of Using VPN


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Whats the benefits of using VPN ?

Hide your IP address

If you want to improve anonymity on the Internet and hide your location , you can use VPN service .VPN providers give you a way to access the Internet through a “tunnel” service. You connect to the VPN service, and then you connect to the Internet from the VPN service. This type of access masks your communication over the Internet because the data is encrypted. It also displays the VPN’s IP address when you connect to a website. This means that your private home IP address isn’t exposed when browsing different websites.

VPN service has several benefits, but the overall advantage is the privacy through data encryption between your computer and the target server. Using VPN, you can improve the protection of your data, and stay anonymous on the Internet.

Access blocked websites

Another benefits of using VPN is that you can open all blocked websites that banned by government or your office.You can bypass filters and firewalls set by your network administrator to increase access to your favorite websites.

Protect your online privacy

If you are in public place like coffee shop or airport and using free wifi  , anyone on that network can monitor and spy on your web activities.VPN helps you to protect your online privacy .