How can we determine of our WiFi strength?


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How can we determine of our WiFi strength?

The efficiency of a Wi-Fi  connection belong to on radio signal strength. You can use one of the this methods to see how signal strength of your Wi-Fi connection is. the benefits of determine of signal strength is that you can improve your wifi range. Some people think just the function of wifi is important, but determine of range of wifi with function of wifi can be more useful. How can we determine of our WiFi strength?

How to measure wifi strength in operating system

You can use built in utility to monitor wireless in Microsoft windows or mac or linux. It is a best way to measure the wifi strength. Open control panel then go to network and internet and next network connection page and with right click on the wireless connection and opening the connect, disconnect option you can see the wifi strength.

How can we determine of our WiFi strength

How to measure Wifi strength in smartphones and tablet

If you have smart phone or tablet, for example iphone you can go to setting app and then go to wifi to see signal strength. On android is same to.

Also you can install a free application on android like wifi analyzer it shows the wifi strength.

Some of products of wireless network have their own software application and wireless signal strength.

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