How can we stay safe on Twitter



How can we stay safe on Twitter

Twitter is a social networking service where users post and interact with messages. How can we stay safe on Twitter

stay safe on Twitter

Don’t add your location

For example when you add your location, people know where you are. you for example  put a picture that show you are on vacation. and maybe see your picture and understand that you are not at home. And it’s a good chance for him to rob your house. Read our article  about why we shouldn’t share our location on social media.

Strip Geotag info from photos before you Tweet them

Some camera have this ability that add your location to meta data of the photo. Delete this geotag before you share your photo.

Enable Twitter privacy

The twitter privacy have option that you can filter who receive your Tweet. go to protect my twitte option and set it privacy.

Don’t leave your personal information on your profile

Don’t keep your phone number, email address and… to prevent spam and other criminals.