Setup Cisco AnyConnect VPN for Windows 10



Download Cisco VPN windows 10

To setup Cisco VPN for windows 10, Download Cisco VPN Windows 10 from the link below: (NOTE: Paid customers will receive it on their email after purchasing an account)

Step 1

Setup Cisco VPN windows 10

Double click on the file you just download to setup Cisco AnyConnect VPN for windows 10.

Then click “Next”.

cisco vpn windows 10

Check ” I accept the terms in the license agreement ” and click on the “Next” button.

setup cisco vpn on windows 10

Now Click “Install” to begin the installation.

install cisco anyconnect vpn windows 10

Click on “Finish”.

setup cisco anyconnect vpn on windows 10

Step 2

Connect to Cisco VPN windows 10

Now double click on “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client” on desktop and launch the software.

connect to cisco anyconnect vpn client windows 10

Now click on the Settings icon to change the setting.

connect to cisco anyconnect vpn on windows 10

In the “Preferences” tab, Uncheck “Block connections to untrusted servers” and close the window.

install cisco vpn windows 10

Enter the Cisco VPN server address. Then click “Connect”.

You can find the Cisco VPN server addresses HERE. (NOTE: Check this page frequently to get the latest added servers)

Enter your SaturnVPN account username and click “OK”.

If you haven’t purchased the account yet, you can try a free VPN test account.

install cisco anyconnect vpn windows 10

Enter your SaturnVPN account password and click “OK”.

cisco vpn for windows 10

you are now connected to Cisco VPN windows 10.

disconnect cisco anyconnect vpn windows 10

To Disconnect Cisco VPN, right-click on the Cisco AnyConnect VPN icon on the system tray and click “VPN Disconnect”.