How to setup PPTP VPN for Windows XP

First Option (Recommended): Auto Setup

You can download PPTP VPN connection for windows from the link below and follow the steps to run the connection in a second.

Second Option: Manual Setup

or Setup PPTP VPN windows XP manually like the following guide.

The first thing you must do is right-click the My Network Places icon and select Properties.

setup pptp vpn windows xp

This will bring you to the Network Connections window which displays a list of your current network connections. Double click the New Connection Wizard icon

You are faced with three options – choose the second one, “Connect to the network at my workplace” and click Next.

setup pptp vpn windows xp

Now choose the second option, “Virtual Private Network connection” and click Next.

setup pptp vpn windows xp

This will bring you to the window in which you should enter the name of the company or server you will be connecting to. After you have typed the name in, press Next.

setup pptp vpn windows xp

you must enter the hostname of the VPN server

List of PPTP servers

setup pptp vpn windows xp

And finally, the “Connection Availability” window will allow you to select who is authorized to use the VPN connection. “Anyone’s use” will permit anyone who logs onto the system to use the connection, whereas “My use only” will limit its use to you only.

setup pptp vpn windows xp
Once you click Next and Finish.
your new connection will be visible in the Network Connections window (as seen below).

Right-click the new connection and select properties to open the properties window. Here, you can configure, amongst others, the network settings, and general options.

setup pptp vpn windows xp

Select the Networking tab and in the “Type of VPN” drop-down list, choose PPTP VPN. It is not necessary to configure any other options on this page unless otherwise specified by the VPN server administrator.

setup pptp vpn windows xp
Insecurity tab, Click on Advanced(Custom Setting), and then click on Setting.

setup pptp vpn windows xp
Change Data Encryption to “Optional Encryption(Connect even if no encryption) “

In Allow these Protocols part:

Uncheck all the protocols and check “Challenge HandShake Authentication Protocol (CHAP).

setup pptp vpn windows xp
Press OK to close the window and return to the network connections window.
If you double-click your VPN connection the login window will appear.

Enter your username and password and click Connect.

setup pptp vpn windows xp
(if you haven’t purchased the account yet, you can use the test account to test our services click here)

After the authentication process is complete, you will be logged on to the VPN Server and two computers will appear at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen (default).

setup pptp vpn windows xp
Congratulations! You have now successfully been connected to the VPN server.