What is difference between Stateful and Stateless firewall



What is difference between Stateful and Stateless firewall

stateless firewall filter, also known as an access control list (ACL), does not statefully inspect traffic. And a stateful firewall is a network firewall that tracks the operating state and characteristics of network connections traversing it.Now what is difference between Stateful and Stateless firewall?

Stateless firewall

Stateless firewall lock after network traffic and limit packet based on sorce and destination addresses. But they can’t watch patterns.

Stateless firewall filter increase security of packet filtering .

Usage of state of firewall is to porotect the routing engine processes and resources from untrusted packet stateful firewall

 Stateful firewall

The stateful firewall is responsible to watch traffic stream from end to end. Stateful inspection watch communication packets in a firewall. In a statefull firewall the network manager can set the parament to meet specific needs. They can performance ip security for communication path like tunnels and encryption.

Stateless firewalls are faster and do better under havier traffic loads and stateful are better at recognizing unauthorized communication.