Do You Think Having More Servers Means Faster Speed?


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When it comes to choosing a VPN company, there are many things you’ll want to take into account, such as do they provide good speeds? Do they have apps for all my devices? And are they well-known to trust? Do You Think Having More Servers Means Faster Speed?

One question that is asking a lot is “How many servers do they have?”. This makes sense because, after all, a successful VPN company should have lots of servers. And the more servers they have, the better the speed, right? As it turns out, probably not.
Servers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed for running high-performance applications such as serving web content. And, of course, some are destined to be VPN servers.

Servers are as varied as the workloads they need to handle, and this is a good thing. It means you get just the right amount of performance that you need—without wasting resources. To cater to this, manufacturers offer a wide range of processors, memory, and storage options that allow the savvy buyer to get exactly what they need.


When It Comes To Servers, New Doesn’t Always Mean Better

In fact, often older servers are much better for VPN servers as they tend to offer more cores, or possibly even multiple CPUs—something relatively rare on modern offerings.

It’s also really important to take into account what the server is doing.
For example, you can compare the server to two Ferrari cars and a bus
Most people would choose to have the aforementioned Ferrari over a bus. But a bus does have one huge advantage—it can seat far more people. If your goal is to move people en masse as quickly and efficiently as possible, the bus would be a far better choice than the car.

For this reason, even if a company has a thousand brand new servers, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can do the same work as 500 trusted old servers. They might be able to, but unless they’ve been benchmarked properly, there’s just no way to know.

But there is still a far more compelling reason why server counts are of limited value when considering a VPN provider. Bandwidth.


Do You Think Having More Servers Means Faster Speed?

It’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it. VPN providers act as delivery men. We pass information back and forth between you and the internet.
This takes a fair amount of effort, so decent servers are of course a must, but a decent server can’t do a good job if it doesn’t have a decent internet connection. And this is where the server count argument really falls down.
you might have the best servers, but if they don’t have good uplinks, you’re not going to be able to get anywhere near top performance.

Servers Speed


Where you are is as important as what you’ve got:
Different carriers have different agreements with providers, which means that not all bandwidth is equal either. Some may be great for transit within the US, but terrible for international traffic to Asia. And some are great for Asia but don’t have good transit links to Europe. If you are mostly serving people in the US, then international bandwidth is not much of a concern for you. But if you want to move data between the US and Asia, well, you’ll need to find something more appropriate.



Hopefully, this little post has shed some light on why looking at server counts alone isn’t a good indicator of the service you’re likely to get from a provider.

It’s entirely possible to use fewer, properly set up and managed, servers to get superior performance. Even basic commodity servers today can easily handle the role of a basic VPN server, but what is more important is what that server is connected to.

If a server has good uplinks and good connectivity, you will fare rather well. But these aspects are often overlooked in the rush to buy as many servers as possible, without realizing that a data center or provider might not be able to give them the connectivity they need.

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