Free VPN Account


Free VPN Account

You can use this Free VPN Account to easily connect to our US, UK and DE VPN servers with L2TP and PPTP protocols.

If you can’t connect through PPTP, it can be from your internet provider or your firewall, and you must try other protocols.

Free VPN account works for PPTP and L2TP protocols only. It doesn’t work for OpenVPN, CiscoVPN and Kerio VPN. Most Middle East countries like UAE blocked PPTP so you need to try other protocols like the Cisco. If you would like to try all protocols and servers (US, UK, DE) for free, Please get One-day trial account from the following link.

How to configure VPN on my device?

First setup VPN connection on your device, then use this free VPN account to test the service.

If you are from the Middle East countries like UAE we suggest you get a One-day trial account and try the Cisco connection.

If you have any question or have a problem configuring VPN on your device contact us.

Are you a blogger or a webmaster? Contact us now to get a free unlimited VPN account! Or read this article for a free 2-year VPN account.

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