google internet toys run the home



Here is another amazing story of google,

Google‘s R&D team is looking into making internet-connected toys that control smart home appliances.

The toys turn their heads towards users and listen to what they were saying, before sending commands to remote computer servers.

It described the proposal as “one of Google’s creepiest patents yet”.

A spokeswoman for google said that “We file patent applications on a variety of ideas that our employees come up with”, and it might not be a product the firm might develop and sell.

The patent was originally filed back in February 2012, but has only just been published.

The toys  communicate with its servers to control devices in the home

google internet toys would communicate with its servers

Drawings show that the machine could be made to look like a bunny rabbit or teddy bear, and the text suggests other alternatives that include dragons and alien life forms.

The patent adds that making the device look “cute” should encourage even the youngest members of a family to interact with it.

“However, individuals of all ages may find interacting with these anthropomorphic devices to be more natural than interacting with traditional types of user interfaces.”

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