Google purpose-built robot cars tested on public roads


Tech Talk

It’s a good news I think , You don’t have to do the driving by yourself, Some companies are trying to buil self-driving cars, Before now, the small vehicles have only driven on test roads and have not mixed with regular traffic.

The good news is that Google has tested autonomous vehicles on public roads but all of them have been heavily modified Lexus SUVs.  The robot cars will not be completely autonomous, but will have safety drivers on board who can take over if needed.

eventually the purpose-built robot vehicles will not have a steering wheel or any other control though detachable versions will be used during the forthcoming road tests. The top speed of the cars will be capped at 25mph (40km/h) during the tests.

I’m sure, It won’t take more than few years that we see many self-driving cars. You can close your eyes and the car will take care of everything.

You can read more at bbc