How is cooperation or Affiliate Program in sales?


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An Affiliate or Cooperation program allows you to earn commission revenue for referring traffic to our site. Each SaturnVPN referral partner is assigned a unique link. You may ask how is cooperation or affiliate program in sales? When a visitor signs up through your affiliate link, the sale will be attributed to you, so you will receive up to 30% in commissions.

Affiliate Program

What do I need to become an Affiliate?

1- Login to “My Account” first. Register an account for free if you do not have any. 

2- Next select the “Affiliate Area” menu like the below picture.

3- You can see your referral URL on this page and Your affiliate ID

4- The only thing you need to do is to share your referral URL with anyone you invite to SaturnVPN. each time someone signup in Saturnvpn and purchases an account you will receive your commission.

Note: An affiliate link is a special URL with unique parameters used to assign sales and commissions to your account. You will assign this URL after registering for SaturnVPN.

5- After each payment by your friends, the commission will add to the credit, of your panel. Then you can use this credit to buy a VPN service for free or receive it in your PayPal account.

So you see How is cooperation or Affiliate Program in sales? It’s easy to earn money using the affiliate system. Start your today!