How to Create a Connect Shortcut for OpenVPN?


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If you use a number of VPN connections daily so there is a way to create a shortcut or to connect to a specific VPN connection with a minimal amount of clicks. In this article, we want to explain how to create a connect shortcut for OpenVPN.

After downloading and installing the OpenVPN, Run the app on your Android device. after that, You just need to follow the below steps to create a VPN Settings Shortcut.

How to Create a Connect Shortcut for OpenVPN

1- Touch the pencil mark in front of the OpenVPN Profile



2- In this step, choose the “SET CONNECT SHORTCUT” to create it.

Connect Shortcut OpenVPN


3- Touch the “Create” button now.

Connect Shortcut OpenVPN


4- Finally touch the “ADD” button.


You can see a shortcut icon for OpenVPN on your mobile screen

Connect Shortcut OpenVPN


Now to run it, just need to touch this icon.

You can create a shortcut for any available server profiles using this guide. Now you know how to create a shortcut for OpenVPN on an Android device, and it makes using this app easier.

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