How to create secure password ?



How to create a secure password ?

We need to use many passwords in our bank accounts , email addresses , many different websites accounts,…  every day , these passwords protect us from hackers and snoopers. It’s important to ensure that this protection is as strong as possible. The problem is that passwords should be different everywhere you use them, and that can make it difficult to remember them all.

Use different passwords everywhere

It’s extremely important to use different passwords for each online account ,You shouldn’t use the same password for your bank account and facebook account , If your facebook gets cracked , it means the person with that info can access to your bank account. When you use a unique password for each account , you limit the hackers to access all your information and accounts.

How to create secure password

Change your passwords regularly

It’s important to change your password regularly , Some applications have settings to remind you to change your passwords frequently , otherwise you are vulnerable .

Save your passwords in a safe place

Many of people habited to save their password in a file on their computers , don’t keep your passwords in a place that easily accessible , choose a location away from your computer like  a piece of paper and store it in a secure and safe place ,but make sure you can easily access it.

Choose the right password

Don’t use the password that directly related to you , like name of your relatives, your kids, or your pet, favorite team, or city of your birth. Use the long password , longer passwords are even more secure, a password with 16 characters is more safe than a password with 8 characters . Your password should be mix of upper case and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Don’t use the letters and numbers in the order they appear on the keyboard like “12345” or “qwerty” , they aren’t a strong password.

How to create safe password

How to remember the password

Use the first three letters of each word in a phrase then put them all together , so  “jenifer likes music” might be modified as “jenlikmus” , then mix it with uppercase letter and number ,mixing them up makes the password more difficult to predict. You can use similar base words to help you remember your passwords easily without making them too easy to crack.