How to keep our child safe online



Keep our child safe online

Parent should learn about to keep children safe.  in this article we want to talk about : How to keep our child safe online

Teach your kids about dangerous of online stranger

Tell them don’t accept friend request from stranger and talk to them. and don’t give people online about your name and your place.

keep our child safe online

Set some internet rules

Tell to your child what time they are allowed to online and what time they don’t have permission to become online.

Make sure their device is safe. And make it update for them and install antivirus for their device.

Make sure that their antivirus is update and you can set it on auto update.

Use family DNS on you router

You can use filtered DNS to prevent your child from bad website.

Limit time

Some router have this possibility that can limit a time of access to the internet like guest routers. For example you can limit a time for sleep. Read our article about What are advantages of guest network.