How to setup VPN on Mac


How to setup VPN on Mac

VPN allows you to securely connect to an otherwise private network over the Internet.Mac has built in support for managing VPN connections and in this guide we’ll go through how to setup VPN on Mac .By using VPN any data going across is encrypted.You’d better use VPN and secure your internet When you are at a coffee shop or other public place and browsing the web and using the internet .

We have 5 protocols for Mac os

  • PPTP , L2TP , OpenVPN , Cisco anyconnect VPN , Kerio VPN

Depends on the country you are living in you can use each protocols , all of these protocols are secure. You can see how to setup vpn on Mac by the links below

how to setup vpn on mac

If you have any problem with each protocols , try another.

If you have any question contact us .

How to setup VPN on Mac

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