How does vpn protect privacy?


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It might be a question for you too, How VPN protects you against hackers and people who are trying to sniff on yout connection, Or is it really necessary to use VPN while using a public wi-fi? What king of information can be stolen by a hacker if I don’t use VPN? Can my ISP also sniff on my connection? Does VPN protect privacy?

VPN is an encrypted tunnel which protects you against the hackers, your own ISP and whatever  wants to sniff on your internet connection.

There is no encryption almost most of the time, When you are connected to an open Wifi.

And the network administrator and a bad guy can see whatever you are doing, Facebook ,twitter, bank accounts,… passwords, usernames ….

It can also happen at your work place.

It’s clear at this figure:

hacker-can-steal-information on open wifi

Bu using VPN your connection is encrypted, and those bad guys can not sniff on your internet activities, and you are safe. You don’t have to be worried any more.

look at this figure:

how vpn protects against hackers
how vpn protects against hackers


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