How to improve a security of your organization



Improve security of your organization

How to improve security of your organization ? At organization, Managers should responsible for information security. And information security is a priority for each organization. And managers should know about importance of information security and support them. Also at secure organization usually identify how sensitive data is there through and out of the organization. This tips help you to have more security in your organization:

improve security of your organizationAnalyze  information

Analyze the information and the application which store in your system, and even personal information and who can access to this information. and what information they use across the business, and keep your agent about the security policy. The agent should informed about how their system are protected, what information you stored from them, and what happened in case of security breach. Then when visitors ask your agent about security, your agent can answer their question. This will give the visitors a sense of protection on your organization.

Make a security culture in your organization

Make a security culture in your organization. Every body that work in a company must have a username and password, And manager should encourage the employers to be careful about security of company. They shouldn’t save password in a file of computer or write it under keyboard, And always have a long password, and change it every 90 days. There are many ways to ensure about your security practice and make sure to limit who is authorized to the data.

Test your security

Test your security to ensure about your security and protection.