Introduction to Cisco Routers


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In this article, we want to introduce Cisco Routers

Cisco Systems produces a wide range of computer network equipment including network routers for homes and businesses. Cisco routers remain popular and have gained a reputation over many years for quality and high performance.

Introduction to Cisco Routers

Cisco Routers for Home

From 2003 to 2013, Cisco Systems owned the Linksys business and brand name. Linksys wired and wireless router models became an extremely popular choice for home networking during this period.

In 2010, Cisco also produced its Valet line of home network routers.

Since Cisco Valet was discontinued and Linksys sold to Belkin, Cisco does not directly market any of its newer routers to homeowners. Some of their older products remain available through secondhand auctions or resale outlets.

Cisco Routers and the Internet

Service providers predominantly used Cisco’s routers to build out the long-distance connections of the early Internet during the 1980s and 1990s. Many corporations have also adopted Cisco routers to support their intranet networks.