Is it safe to use an Internet cafe?



Is it safe to use an Internet cafe? However, along with the benefits and conveniences of Internet cafes, there comes a number of potential risks to your personal and professional data as a result of using them.

Scammers and hackers may capture your online banking information through software or hardware installed on such computers.


Is it safe to use an Internet cafe?


How to mitigate the risk of spying and monitoring your activities in an Internet Cafe. How to reduce the risk of malware infection.


physical security

Never leave your laptop, personal belongings, or any sensitive information unattended for any amount of time. It is inadvisable even to ask a stranger to “keep an eye” on your things for a minute.


never tick the ‘yes’ option on ‘keep me signed in’ type messages, and never close a page without logging out first. Password-protect your laptop even before entering an internet cafe. If you use a public computer instead, never perform any tasks that are too private.

limit your access

Don’t go into all of your sensitive online accounts when you sit down at an Internet cafe; check what you need to.


VPN encrypts your connection by making a tunnel between your computer and servers so nobody can see your data. A VPN service lets you create an encrypted connection with one of its servers and you use that server to browse the internet.

Don’t Buy and Don’t do your online banking:

Try not to use your online banking at an internet cafe. Don’t use your debit card information at an internet cafe.

Firewall and antivirus

make sure that antivirus and your software are updated.

enable your firewall. If you are using windows, open the “start menu” then open “security center”, a green color shows that your firewall is on. If you use a Mac click on “system preference” and then click “sharing” next click “firewall”.


This article has been updated on February 2022, by SaturnVPN.