Is it safe to use WiFi at hotel ?



Is it safe to use WiFi at hotel

Is it safe to use WiFi at hotel? Now days, people usually looking for a free WiFi connection at hotels when they travel, but it is hard to know if it’s safe or not. There is some simple ways that you can make your WiFi connection more safe.

Firewall and antivirus:

make sure that antivirus and your software is updated .

enable your firewall. If you are using windows, open the “start menu” then open “security center” ,a green color shows that your firewall is on. If you use a Mac click on “system preference” and then click “sharing” next click “firewall”.

Don’t set your laptop or mobile device to “connect automatically” :ask a front desk about a wifi name some thief create a WiFi to access your information

Don’t do your financial transaction :

Don’t do your financial transactions but if it’s necessary for you, make sure the site is protected through “https” some websites have “http” and it’s not safe enough. If you get any warning while using WiFi away from home. Waite until you’re on a secure network access bank account.

Use VPN (virtual private network)

VPN make a tunnel between your computer and servers, and nobody can’t snoop your data. It’s make it safe. You can install VPN on your laptop or cellphone.

Change your password

some people use a same password for their online banking and their social network like Facebook. change your password frequently, and use a strong  password.

Make sure that you’re not sharing folders with others on the network

 Turn off sharing: Open your “control panel”, then open “network and sharing center”, then open “change advance sharing setting”, next Turn off “print file and print sharing”, and turn off “network discovery and public folder sharing”. Some of this is done automatically by windows if you specify the network use public.

Is it safe to use wifi at hotel