keeping your children safe online



How to keep your children safe online

If your children surfing the web ,You need to protect your children from dangers lurking in the online world and keeping your children safe online. Parents mostly worried about the risks of “stranger danger” and online predators. Online predators present another significant threat, particularly to children who are usually much more open and trusting, are even easier targets. Online predators are doing cybercrimes for financial benefits. cybercrimes include computer viruses, phishing attacks, or spam emails.

These basic rules apply to keeping your children safe online:

Talk to your children

Be involved with your children in activities you can work on together, It also enables you to discuss the things that are there to protect us, e.g. Internet security protection, passwords, etc. They need to know than they can talk to you when they make an online mistake.

keeping your children safe online

Keep children in sight

Keep your computer in a common area, do not let your children be in their rooms all night on the Internet, this helps you monitor your children activity, your children are less likely to browse not allowed content if they know you might walk by at any second.

How to keep your children safe online

Set rules

They have to check with you before downloading or installing software or posting pictures of themselves and others and not post any pictures that you consider to be inappropriate.

Teach your children to never share the password

They have to learn not give out their passwords to anyone (even their best friends) other than you or give out personal information such as address, telephone number,etc  without your permission

Limit usage

Limiting time for your children safety, you must set limits on when they may use the Internet and for how long.