How to open blocked WhatsAPP in China?


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How to open blocked WhatsAppwhatsapp in China?

How to open blocked WhatsApp in China? The government censorship WhatsApp in China. After censorship in Wikipedia, Facebook and Youtube, and Twitter, Chinese users this morning faced censorship in WhatsApp! The best way to open WhatsApp in china is via VPN.

What is VPN?

It’s not just a VPN. Cool fact, it’s short for Virtual Private Network. Private sounds cool, right? Let’s dig in to see how it can be beneficial to anyone who is using the internet (I mean who doesn’t use the internet these days?)
When you use a VPN, all of your incoming and outgoing internet traffic is channeled through an encrypted “personal tunnel” between you and the VPN server. This way what happens on the internet stays on the internet

What protocol is good for china?

We suggest KerioVPN and Cisco anyconnect VPN open block websites and also Whatsapp in china.

SaturnVPN provide KerioVPN and Cisco anyconnect VPN you can go to the VPN setup tutorial link to install these protocol in your system and then you can go to this link to buy a VPN account or you can first try a free VPN test  account