How to open Instagram in China?


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Open Instagram in China?

There are lot’s of website that are blocked in china. Specially social media like WhatsApp and Instagram that are blocked.Instagram is a social media that people can share their photos and it’s so popular in the world thease days.In this article we talk about how to open Instagram in china

open Instagram in China

What are advantages of instagram?

Specially artists like photographers and painters put the photos of their ary in instagram. There are lot’s of artist like actor and actress that have page in instagram. And you can share your comment with them. Also you can see the photo of nature in instagram. And the photos of your desire person in instagram too. You can follow the news paper and and also follow your friends and family on instagram. Also you can advertise your business on unstagram. So if you want to travel in china you need to open instagram because its blocked there.

How to open blocked instagram?

You can open blocked instagram by VPN.

What is VPN?

VPN enables you to access blocked websites from your home network by changing your IP address and gives you a new IP address like USA IP. So you can access all the website like a people inside a USA. VPN have different kinds of protocols.

What protocol is good for china?

We suggest KerioVPN and Cisco anyconnect VPN to open block website and also Instagram in china.

SaturnVPN provide KerioVPN and Cisco anyconnect VPN you can go to VPN setup tutorial link to install these protocol in your system and then you can go to this link to buy VPN account or you can first try free VPN test  account