How to Open Up Blocked Website in UAE


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How to Open Up Blocked Website in UAE

If you want to open up a blocked website in UAE then you need a VPN account.  There are many blocked websites in UAEIf you live in or travel to Dubai you encounter many blocked websites. The government blocks many internet contents including Skype, Flickr, Porn, and Torrenting. Maybe you are traveling there, or you are going to live there, So you can buy a VPN account. VPN hides your identity and geolocation by replacing your real IP address with the new one. Therefore, you can now browse the Internet anonymously wherever you are in UAE.

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SaturnVPN offers you many protocols and servers that you can open all blocked websites and VoIP services in UAE. Two popular protocols PPTP and L2TP work well in UAE. Nowadays most famous VPN service providers are blocked in UAE and you will waste your time and money by purchasing their expensive services. But SaturnVPN servers are working just fine and tested by lots of peoples from UAE. Most wanted protocols such as Kerio VPN, the Cisco, and OpenVPN will work without any issues in UAE and Dubai with any kinds of OS and device.

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