Outline VPN for Android



Outline VPNDownload Outline VPN for Android


First, download the Outline VPN for Android to setup it up.

Open “Google Play Store” and search for “Outline”. Or you can directly go to this page to download from Google Play Store.

You can download and install the APK file of the Outline VPN for Android with this link if you don’t have access to Google Play Store. (NOTE: Paid customers will receive it in their email after purchasing an account)

Setup Outline VPN for Android


1- touch the “Install” button.





2- Wait for the installation to complete and then touch the “Open” button.



3- For the first time after installing this app, you have to choose the terms by touching the “GOT IT” button.



4- In the main AnyConnect app window, touch the “Add server“.



5- Then copy the key sent and add it to this section.
(Note that after copying the key, this key will be automatically added in this section.)

6- then touch the “ADD SERVER” button.



7- For the first time connect, You will see this message. Touch “OK“.



8-Congratulations! You are now connected to SaturnVPN OutlineVPN.



If you’d like to disconnect Cisco AnyConnect on an Android device, Simply switch the “Outline VPN” to “DISCONNECT“.