Outline VPN for Windows




Download Outline VPN Windows


To setup Outline VPN for windows, Download Outline VPN Windows from the link below: (NOTE: Paid customers will receive it in their email after purchasing an account)



You can easily connect to Outline in a few steps:

1- Download and install Outline VPN for windows.  

2- Double click to launch.


3- Copy the following access key. 
In the Outline app, tap the “+” sign on the top bar and paste the access key.


4- Press the “ADD SERVER” button to confirm.

Outline02- new

5- A card will be added to your app. Tap “Connect” to get connected with the new service you added.

outline3- new

Congratulations! You are now connected to SaturnVPN OutlineVPN.

Outline05- new

If you’d like to disconnect Cisco AnyConnect on a windows device, Simply switch the “Outline VPN” to “DISCONNECT“.