VPN Protocol Comparison – PPTP vs. L2TP


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VPN Protocol Comparison – PPTP vs. L2TP

Many clients ask us about the differences between PPTP and L2TP, They are almost the same for personal usage.

PPTP is a fast and easy to use protocol , L2TP is more secure than PPTP, and if your main concern is security you can  use L2TP, But it doesn’t mean that PPTP is not safe, Its a famous VPN protocol and safe enough for  web browing, skype  and …  , So you don’t have to be worried about that too much.

We recommend to use PPTP first , and if that doesn’t work for you, Then try l2TP. We also supports 3 other protocols, OpenVPN , cisco anyconnect VPN and Kerio VPN

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