how to protect your computer from data snooping?



Protect your computer from data snooping

To protect your computer from data snooping you should attend to these 4 tips:

1.Use a virtual private network (VPN):

VPN can protect your network and keep any network activity private by creating a tunnel between your computer and a VPN server. So nobody from out of network cant access your data. you can use SaturnVPN  to protect your privacy.

2.Use antivirus :

Today’s every body knows about antivirus that protect your computer against virus, but  maybe  they don’t know that antivirus can protect your computer against snooping.


Especially when you connect to public network like in hotels, malls, make sure that your firewall is on. firewall protect your computer against snooping,  And make your network private. Firewall in all computers is on at default but double check for making sure. you can find your firewall easily on Windows. First open start option on your computer and then open control panel and next go to windows firewall and make it enable.

4. Turn off sharing in case of public network :

Open your control panel, then open network and sharing center, then open change advance sharing setting. Turn off print file and print sharing, and turn off network discovery and public folder sharing. Some of this is done automatically by windows if you specify the network use public.

protect your computer from data snooping