How to recognize a network problem?


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How to recognize a network problem?

WiFi problems can often be fixed easily. How to recognize a network problem?

recognize a network problem

Make sure it’s your problem

Sometimes disconnection of network is actually a problem on a specific websites end. For example if you cant open facebook, check another website to ensure that it’s not just them.

Restart your devices

Restart your pc and reboot your modem. Wait 60 second and then turn modem on.

If you have another computer or cell phone try with them too. To ensure is not your device problem.

Check physical connection

Check a cabels to make sure it’s not unplugged them. Then check your wireless to ensure that it didn’t changed to the off position.

Check network troubleshooter

Windows includes some built in troubleshooters. That can automatically find and fix issues

Update your drivers

Drivers of network cause problem too. go to windows update to suggest you for updating your network adapter.

Call to your internet service provider

You can call to your ISP or internet service provider. Sometimes it’s their problem. And the expert that work there can help you to figure out what problem is.