SaturnVPN Christmas 2019 Special Offer – Up to 80% Off


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Hello Dear Customers,
Merry Christmas!

Thank you for patronizing our services. As your loyalty matters, we are giving out up to 80% discount on two most wanted plans.

Here are the best deals ever:
2-year subscription for only $21 ($0.87 per month)
1-year subscription for only $16 ($1.33 per month)
Special offer ends on January 20. So hurry and order it now!

If you already have an account:
If you already have an account, You can still take advantage of this offer. Simply order a new account and use it later when your current account expires. SaturnVPN accounts will activate after the first time you connect to a server, Not from the time you purchase.
Or you can email us and ask to add the credit to your current account.

Get a discount on your future purchases:
We value our customers’ loyalty, Each time you order an account from SaturnVPN you earn points (1 point for each $1 you spend) and for the future orders you can use those points and get discount. ($0.1 for each point)

SaturnVPN Affiliate program:
You can earn money by joining our affiliate program. If you are a webmaster, contact us, please.

Here at SaturnVPN, we are doing our best to provide a good service for you. We do believe that we couldn’t have come this far without your support, Thank you, everyone, for giving your feedback on the services we are providing. We appreciate additional feedback on what we have been up to on SaturnVPN. So let us know how we’re doing.

Best Regards
SaturnVPN Team