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VPN for Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Broadcast media and Internet access are censored in Saudi Arabia. Ranked Saudi Arabia 164th out of 180 countries for freedom of the press. The government claims that they are only implementing censorship because they want to promote the culture and values of Islam. In 2014, Reporters Without Borders describes the government as “relentless in its censorship of the Saudi media and the Internet”. Saudi Arabia Internet censorship efforts focus on banning pornographic sites and those that have anti-government sentiments, which are not that numerous. They make use of certain software to block gambling and porn sites. Authorities receive over 1,200 requests every day to have web pages blocked.

SaturnVPN offer VPN for Saudi Arabia, to access blocked website in Saudi Arabia you can connect to our service. All protocols (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, Kerio VPN, and Cisco AnyConnectVPN) work in KSA, We recommend you to try Cisco and L2TP there. You can easily set up a VPN and access all blocked websites and services. You can easily use Skype and Whatsapp or make voice calls using them. You can access porn websites in Saudi Arabia with SaturnVPN and watch online videos without any latency. If you like to test the service before you order an account, use a free VPN test account. To set up a VPN on your device visit VPN setup tutorial. If you have any question, contact us.