VPN Use Increased as COVID-19 Spreads


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Coronavirus VPN Solution

VPN use increased as COVID-19 spreads and we are facing high traffic usage on SaturnVPN servers. But there is still no limit with bandwidth usage for none of the accounts. All servers are in the middle of their capacity already.

covid 19

We increased the hardware resource for all servers and are ready to add more servers in case of need. Our online support is more hours active these days to make sure you all can get a faster support response.

We also decreased our cheap prices. You can buy a VPN account with $1 for a month. there is absolutely no delay in the order process. Instant account delivery is active. you can order your account at any time.

While most borders are closed, employees are sent to the home for remote work, online shopping is getting increased and communications are mostly based on online messengers, it’s important to have a VPN account and secure the digital life.

As said before, VPN Use Increased as Covid-19 Spreads and SaturnVPN is ready to host more clients with fewer prices and higher quality. You can get a trial account to test the service anytime.