What are advantages and disadvantages of IS-IS


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What are advantages and disadvantages of IS-IS

The IS-IS (Intermediate System – Intermediate System) protocol is one of a family of IP Routing protocols. IS-IS does not run over Internet Protocol (IP) Each IS-IS (Intermediate System – Intermediate System) router diffuse information about its local state. t accomplishes this by specify the best route for information through a packet-switched network.and operating by reliably flooding link state information throughout a network of routers.What are advantages and disadvantages of IS-IS?

advantage of IS-IS:

The main advantage of IS-IS (Intermediate System – Intermediate System) is ability to support large areas of noumrous intermediate systems without reducing SPF efficiency.

The IS-IS (Intermediate System – Intermediate System) is an excellent protocol and in some point it’s easier to manage than OSPF.

What is disadvantage of Intermediate System – Intermediate System?

The main disadvantages of Intermediate System – Intermediate System is that totally one system has only one network service access point (NASP) address.