What are advantages of guest network?



What are advantages of guest network?

In this article we want to talk about what is guest network? And what are advantages of guest network?

Guest network has a large wireless range with limited permission. At first it created for business, but it’s more common for home network. You have more security with guest network. For example you have guest and you don’t like to give a password to your guest. You can use guest network. And you have child at home and you can limit your child access to the network on her bed time with guest network. Also you can prevent virus and worms to spread from device of your visitors.

advantages of guest network

Do all routers support guest network?

We should say just business class routers and some routers for home network support guest network. You can check your company website to see if your routers support guest network. Also we should say that some routers just support one guest network.

How guest network work?

Guest network give a different IP address for each devices.