What is Double VPN and How to Encrypt VPN Twice?


Double VPN

What is Double VPN and How to Encrypt VPN Twice? A Double VPN adds a second VPN server in the mix, as well as a second layer of encryption. Actually, encrypted data is encrypted a second time on the end-user device. If your objective is to increase your anonymity on the internet, however, a double VPN may be worth it. Routing your data through two VPN servers drastically decreases the likelihood of anyone connecting it back to you.

In the meantime, this feature is available for Windows only.

The key difference between using a double VPN and a normal VPN is:
1. Internet traffic passes through two VPN servers instead of one.
2. Internet traffic will encrypt twice.

What is Double VPN and How to Encrypt VPN Twice?


In fact, you can have two active VPNs on your Windows at the same time. For example, you can activate OpenVPN and L2TP at a time. Thus it becomes a much safer system. double VPNs work more or less the same and basically help mask your IP address twice for added security.

This is a question you have to ask yourself do I need a double VPN? What are the benefits? Probably not. But there are some scenarios when more security is beneficial.

Double VPN


In fact, This is a major advantage for people under heavy internet surveillance, such as political activists and journalists living under oppressive regimes. Using a double VPN increases the difficulty of tying your internet usage to you. This can also be considered a level of redundancy. If one of your VPN servers is compromised, you’re still protected by a fully functioning VPN, and your data can’t be tied to you.

If you’re in a position where you’re attempting to avoid network monitoring from a targeted attacker, then using a double VPN may provide you with more security. This is primarily due to the extra protection provided by neither VPN server knowing both you and the websites you’re connecting to.

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