What is the use of OSPF?


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What is the use of OSPF?

What is the use of OSPF? OSPF is an interior gateway protocol (IGP) for routing Internet Protocol (IP) packets solely within a single routing domain, such as an autonomous system.

One of benefits of link state routing protocols like OSPF is that complete knowlege of topology. Lets routers to calcute routers and it’s good for traffic engineering.

What is disadvantages of state routing protocols It dosent scale well it enhancing the size and frequency of topology.

Each ospf spread in local state. Each routeruses the messages to build up to make a identical database.

The protocol recalcutes routes. And provide support for path of cost.

use of OSPF

What is Type 4 LSA in OSPF?

LSA Type 4 is expline as a ASBR Summary LSA. It is generated by an ABR. It is flooded from area 0 into a non-transit area and vice versa.

What is a OSPF stub area?

Stub areas are shielded from external routes but get data about networks that belong to other places of the same OSPF domain.