What is virtual area network (VAN)?


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What is virtual area network (VAN)?

What is virtual area network (VAN)? A virtual area network (VAN) is a network on which users are enabled to share a more visual sense of community through high band-width connections. contemporary value-added network providers now focus on offering EDI translation, encryption, secure e-mail, management reporting, and other extra services for their customers. The VAN accomplishes this by acting as an intermediary between business partners that share standards based or proprietary data.

What is virtual area network

What vans do for online business?

When it comes to sharing standard based or proprietary data, VANs make it easier for online businesses to share by becoming the one point of contact for them.

What is EDI?

Value Added Network (VAN) is a private network provider used to facilitate electronic data interchange (EDI). VANs provides specialized services such as assisting with EDI (electronic data interchange). Traditionally, most VANs primarily only support EDI standard message formats, such as Tradacoms and EDIFACThowever in today’s world e-commerce is increasingly based on newer technologies such as XML or more standard CSVmessage formats.

Advantages: Safety and Reliability

most VANs, including everything from encryption methods to safe data transfer protocols, tends to be far more sophisticated than your average firewall or network security set-up.

What to remember about value added network (VAN) ?

So to sum it all up, there are clearly essential benefits to using a VAN (Value Added Network); not only would you be able to reduce costs associated with data entry errors and time delay, you will also be able to improve your overall business relationships, as well as optimize your supply chain process with better efficiency and cost effectiveness.  Whether you are using older or newer technology, EDI VANs(Value Added Networks) remain a secure and reliable communication channel, with unlimited accessibility and visibility, allowing you to maintain uninterrupted business cycles and supply chain operations around the globe, regardless of time zone.

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