What is wireless local area network (WLAN)?


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What is wireless local area network (WLAN)?

What is wireless local area network (WLAN)? Wireless local area network (wlan) provide wireless over short distance. For  two or more devices that use high frequency radio waves and include and access to the internet. WLAN is a type of local area network (LAN). You can use it for cell phone, tablets, laptop and computers.  the future, however, more items will incorporate WLAN technology to communicate.

What is wireless local area network

What is advantages of WLAN?

WLAN support a large number of devices.  For two or more devices.

If we compare WLAN and LAN about accessing  we will see that WLAN is more easier.

Setting up WLAN is easy. Also wlan is common network.

What is disadvanteges of WLAN?

One of disadvantages of WLAN is that you need encryption when you use WLAN, because it’s not so difficult to hack WLAN.

 What is WLAN standard?

At first wlans were very expensive. And people use it when they couldn’t use wire connection. Then most of the wlan were replaced by IEEE802.11 and wlan prices become less expensive.

The WLAN standard, IEEE Std 802.11, incorporates private-key cryptography.