Why are networks so important?


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Why are networks so important?

Why are networks so important? The network is considered one of the most critical resources in an organization, both in the private and public sectors. Networks are created to provide a means to satisfy an objective or need. Need for Computer Networking. Computer networks help users on the network to share the resources and in communication.

Why are networks so important

Flexible Access:

Networks allow their users to access files from computers throughout the network. This means that a user can begin work on a project on one computer and finish up on another.


A strong network can easily be utilized as a resource center for a variety of your career needs.

Information sharing:

Networking will provide many opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback.

advantages of data network

allowing data to be shared throughout an organization. Files can be backed up more easily when they are all on a central file server rather than when they are scattered across a number of independent workstations.

What are the advantages of network?

Advantages. Sharing devices such as printers saves money. Site (software) licences are likely to be cheaper than buying several standalone licences.

What are some of the benefits of networking? Resource sharing – using network-connected peripheral devices like printers, scanners and copiers, or sharing software between multiple users, saves money.

Increasing storage capacity – you can access files and multimedia, such as images and music, which you store remotely on other machines or network-attached storage devices.

What are the benefits of using a computer network?

Most of the benefits of networking can be divided into two generic categories: connectivity and sharing. Networks allow computers, and hence their users, to be connected together.

What is Benefits of Business Networking?

Business Networking is a really valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, attain new clients and tell others about your business.