Why we should use VPN?



Why we should use VPN? 

Why we should use VPN? 5 reason to use a VPN:

1. Browse the Web Securely on Public Wi-Fi

for example you are in hotel and you want to check your emails with hotel WiFi. It’s more safe to use VPN 

2.  Hide your internet activity from ISP

VPN make a tunnel between your computer and servers, and nobody can’t snoop your data. It’s make it safe. You can install VPN on your laptop or cellphone. VPN (virtual private network) offers several benefits. First, it protects your device – whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even smart watch in some cases – from would-be hackers while you’re on the Internet.

Second, it masks your IP address, so that your identity and location are anonymized.  because the VPN masks your IP address and encrypts your data throughout the entire transmission.  VPNs also take your ISP out of the loop on your browsing habits, because they just see endless logs of you connecting to the VPN server Provide privacy by hiding your internet activity from your ISP (and government) VPN hide all your data between your devices. So, you are safe from your neighborhood hacker while using VPN.

Why we should use VPN

3. Bypass Government Censorship

You can unblock all censorship websites via VPN .

4. See Netflix outside US

. You probably tried to access Netflix.com but you got this instead “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.” there are ways to see netflix out side a us. by using computer trickery to make it look like your computer is sitting in the U.S. VPNs, or virtual private networks, are useful tools for unlocking U.S. Netflix. By changing your IP address your computer think that you are in the US like any one inside the US and you can see any program in  Netflix.

5. Break Out of a Restrictive Network at Work/School

For example you are in school and you don’t want your teacher see your actiity on internet. in this condition you can use VPN.