Buy VPN online

You can buy VPN online easily in 3 steps:

1: Select one of our VPN plans to buy vpn

There are 5 popular VPN packages , Choose a VPN plan that’s right for you, You can buy 24 months VPN account only for $1.4/month

2: Choose payment method

We have 5 payment method (Credit Card , Paypal , Perfect money ,Webmoney an Bitcoin)  that you can get your account immediately after you make a payment.

3: Your VPN account info will be sent to your email  ,Or go to your profile in your SaturnVPN account, you can find your account information there.

enjoy it .

After you get your account, setup VPN connection on your device , You can connect through all protocols and servers ,Go to  VPN setup tutorial and choose find a tutorial for your devie (Windows , Linux , Mac , Android and  IOS) . We support 5 protocols PPTP , L2TP , OpenVPN , Cisco anyconnect VPN and Kerio VPN . You can connect thorough all protocols with your SaturnVPN account , and you can use all servers , Go to  VPN servers List  to choose the location that’s right for you.

If you have any problem , our experts answer your question with 4 following ways:

  1. Online support
  2. Send email to [email protected]
  3. Open a new ticket
  4. Go to contact us page and fill out the form



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