Setup PPTP VPN on Mac OS X

To setup PPTP VPN on Mac, first, open the “System Preferences” by going to the Apple menu. Next, click on the “Network”.

setup pptp vpn on mac

In the “Network”, there is a list of network connections on the left side. Click on “+”  icon (highlighted in red) to make a new connection for the VPN.

setup pptp vpn mac

  • In “Interface” popup menu select “VPN”
  • In “VPN Type” popup menu select “PPTP”
  • In “Service Name” text box ,type “SaturnVPN”
  • Click on “Create”.

how to setup pptp vpn on mac os x

Now click on “Configuration” popup menu and select “Add Configuration”.

setup pptp vpn on mac os x

In the text box labeled “Name” enter “SaturnVPN-PPTP”.

create pptp vpn in mac os x

  • In “Server Address”, enter one of SaturnVPN server addresses. You can see the list of PPTP server addresses here
  • In “Account Name”, enter your SaturnVPN account username. If you haven’t purchased account yet, you can use a free VPN test account.
  • Select “None” for “Encryption”
  • Click on the “Authentication Settings”.

setup pptp vpn mac os x

In this window enter your SaturnVPN account password and click “OK”.Then click on “Advanced”.

creat pptp vpn connection mac os x

For the VPN to work effectively, the “Send all traffic over VPN connection” checkbox should be checked. Then click “OK” to finish advanced settings.

creat pptp vpn mac

Click on the “Apply” button. Then click on “Connect” to connect to the VPN.

pptp vpn mac

When you want to connect to the VPN, you can either choose the VPN configuration from the VPN menu or select your VPN connection in the connection list and click the “Connect” button.

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